Benefits for organizations

Loop maximizes the worldwide academic impact for researchers, thereby raising the visibility and reputation of the organization as well.

Loop facilitates increased traffic to the organization’s website:

  • Direct links from Loop researcher profiles and Loop organization profiles lead back to the organization website, allowing the reader to explore the organization’s content further.

Loop allows institutions to instantaneously display and provide access to a universal research profile which showcases:

  • A researcher’s full professional biography.
  • Comprehensive/curated list of published work across all institutions and publishers.
  • Multi-source, real-time impact data (PubMed, Scopus, Crossref, Altmetric) for researchers and their contributions.

Loop integration means continuous access to up-to-date professional information of institutional alumni.

Benefits for researchers

Loop is specifically designed to maximize the world-wide academic impact for researchers:

  • Researchers can build a universal online academic Loop profile.
  • Loop profiles can be linked to institutional profiles and content, making researchers and their publications discoverable across multiple domains.
  • Machine-learning algorithms automatically and efficiently disseminate a researcher’s output to their colleagues and anybody else interested in this type of research.

Loop gives feedback on researcher’s performance and impact:

  • Advanced Impact Metrics give performance feedback on views, article downloads and citations, social media mentions, demographics and much more.

Loop facilitates the researchers’ work and allows them to:

  • Stay up-to-date with relevant papers, conferences, lectures and more.
  • Follow top researchers and remain well-informed with their research.
  • Connect with peers and establish new collaborations within and across the boundaries of their institutions.

Benefits for students

Loop helps students to find and make first contact with prospective mentors and labs and keeps them up to date with their work.